Air France-KLM CSR Report for 2014


KLM is once again publishing a CSR report with Air France this year. It contains a summary of all the successes we booked in 2014 in our effort to make Air France-KLM more sustainable.

The interactive report uses easy navigation tools and includes links to extra information and videos. Follow this link to open the complete CSR Report for 2014.

Some highlights

Each day produces new insights and technologies, enabling us to improve our performance. Our policy on the environment and society is constantly evolving. This will enable us to meet our goals for 2020 and to create opportunities for later generations.

Here are just a few of the results KLM booked in 2014:

  • We reduced onboard catering products using non-sustainable palm and soybean oil by 80%. In 2014, we introduced fifteen new products, including ASC-certified salmon and fruit juices bearing GLOBALG.A.P. certification.
  • KLM operated twenty flights from Amsterdam to Aruba and Bonaire partially fuelled by biofuel, thanks to the companies participating in the KLM Corporate BioFuel Programme.
  • We took a significant step towards reducing onboard catering waste by using less packaging. We also adapted the sandwich packaging, which has reduced annual waste by 20 tons.
  • 39 tons of used KLM aircraft carpet was recycled last year to produce new carpet fibre and other material using carpet manufacturer Desso’s Take Back™ programme.
  • A number of divisions are reducing paper consumption by increasing digitisation. We are providing ground personnel with digital-format manuals, which will lead to 375,000 fewer pages of printed paper.

More details and examples can be found in the 2014 CSR Report at Earlier CSR reports can also be found here under the heading White Papers and Reports.