The Flying Dutchman pays tribute to KLM’s pioneering spirit at Madurodam miniature park

The Flying Dutchman is the name of the latest attraction at the Madurodam miniature park. Consisting of a fully restored Douglas DC-3, the full-sized aircraft (18 metres long and 30 metres wide) will offer visitors a “flight experience” and pays tribute to the pioneering spirit of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, which has just celebrated its 100th anniversary. The Flying Dutchman’s first visitor “test flights” are planned for June 2020.

By that time, the miniature park will have spent more than 18 months restoring and transforming the iconic silver aircraft, one of the last of its type in the Netherlands. The attraction’s name, The Flying Dutchman, is an obvious choice; the words used to be emblazoned on the sides of all KLM aircraft.

Madurodam’s biggest attraction ever

Madurodam is investing 3.5 million euros in The Flying Dutchman, set to be the largest attraction in its history. The aircraft, which was “flown in” over land and sea from Florida to The Hague in October 2018, is being fitted with a wide range of entertainment-related technological features.


An attraction of this size is asking a lot of our professionals’ knowledge and skills. We’ve never worked on a scale of 1:1 before. What’s more, everything in the aircraft is being made entirely to measure. In that sense, The Flying Dutchman also demonstrates our own pioneering spirit and forward-looking mind-set: thanks to all the technology on board, we’ll soon be offering our visitors a unique Dakota experience.

Joris van Dijk, Managing Director Madurodam

KLM flight that goes beyond flying

Visitors who take a seat in the full-sized DC-3 will enjoy a flight through time and space that goes beyond flying and highlights the pioneering spirit that made the Netherlands great. KLM, headed by trailblazing Albert Plesman in its early years, is an outstanding example of that spirit.

This is a unique and innovative way to mark KLM’s 100th anniversary. It joins the past and the future in a marvellous experience.
Frank Houben, Delegate to the Board, KLM