Statement regarding end to work stoppage by KLM loading staff

KLM was confronted with an unexpected, temporary work stoppage by loading staff on Saturday. Because of this, a number of flights could not take off or land in the morning hours. This meant a very unpleasant start to the holiday period that so many people have been looking forward to.

Fortunately, following discussions with the management board, we can now report that the employees concerned have resumed work. As a result, we can slowly resume flight operations and passengers will still be able to fly to their respective destinations. 
However, the work stoppage means that passengers may experience changes, delays or cancellations. Other restrictions including scheduled runway maintenance and wind at Schiphol will also lead to disruptions in flight operations this weekend. This situation is of course regrettable and we are doing everything we can to transport everyone to their destinations as quickly as possible.

The discussions between the management board and the employees concerned addressed topics including staff shortages, mounting work pressure and job retention in the long term. These discussions will of course continue in the coming period.

KLM would like to emphasise that the safety of its employees and passengers is always the top priority. Flight safety is never compromised. Even in this situation, the safety of employees and passengers was not compromised in any way whatsoever.

KLM understands that such a disruption at the start of the May holiday period has had a major impact on passengers and the workforce. KLM is making every effort to resume full operations as soon as possible in order to transport everyone to their respective destinations.