KLM takes measures to keep Whit Monday weekend manageable at Schiphol

Congestion is expected again at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol this Whit Monday weekend, 3-6 June, known as Pinksteren in the Netherlands. The circumstances compel KLM to take measures that will help keep the situation under control at the airport and within its own operations.

KLM will therefore proactively cancel up to 50 flights a day in the coming weekend. Passengers affected by this decision have, of course, been rebooked onto other flights. KLM has also freed up seats on certain flights, so that passengers who miss their flight or transfer due to congestion at the airport can fly to their destination later that day.

Furthermore, KLM will be testing an alternative baggage handling process this weekend. Baggage will be loaded onto the aircraft later than usual, to ensure that handlers no longer have to remove baggage belonging to passengers who end up missing their flight.

KLM has taken these far-reaching steps to ensure that processes are configured in such a way that they contribute to safe and workable circumstances at the airport, while ensuring that KLM’s own operational processes run smoothly and predictably. KLM is aware that this may cause unexpected turns in the travel experience for some passengers, but appeals to their understanding in these exceptional circumstances. At the same, KLM feels it should stress that these measures are in the best interests of passengers. The purpose of the measures is to ensure that as many passengers as possible, as well as their baggage, arrive at their chosen destination this weekend.

With these decisions, KLM is taking responsible action and seeking solutions for the current challenges at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. KLM urges Schiphol Airport, as well as all other airlines operating at Schiphol, to do the same in the interests of all passengers.