KLM passengers can continue to travel this summer despite limitations at Schiphol

As a result of staffing problems at Schiphol, all airlines will only be able to board a maximum number of passengers from Amsterdam in July and August. And KLM is no exception. The maximum number will vary from day to day. To remain within this limit, KLM will restrict ticket sales and cancel a number of flights – albeit on a limited scale.

By taking such measures, KLM expects to remain within the agreed number of boarding passengers, enabling us to provide our customers with clarity, despite the ongoing operational challenges at Schiphol. For example, passengers who have already booked do not need to worry whether their trip will be going ahead.

KLM passengers whose flights get cancelled will be offered acceptable alternatives. In most cases, this will mean a flight on the same day, or as close as possible to the day of the original booking. Passengers who are affected will be informed personally as soon as possible. Passengers do not need to contact KLM; they will receive this information automatically from KLM or their travel agent.

KLM once again stresses that being forced to limit the number of travellers at Schiphol cannot be a structural solution.