COVID-19: KLM contact centers: top priority for questions about coming home

KLM's contact centers have been overloaded by the coronacrisis. Currently, the airline receives ten times more messages via social channels and receives four times more calls per day than usual. The expectation is that the number of questions will only increase due to future cancellations. The developments cause great uncertainty for customers. KLM wants her contact centers to be easily accessible again so that employees can make maximum efforts to bring passengers back to the Netherlands.

"How do I get home?"

From now on KLM will treat the question "My flight has been canceled and I am abroad, how do I get home?" with the highest priority. These are questions from customers whose flights have been canceled and who did not succeed in selecting a return flight themselves via the KLM site or the app. They can contact KLM centers for assistance.

Other questions

KLM will answer other questions as soon as all repatriation questions have been answered. Questions about getting vouchers, postponing flights (rebooking) and adding more legroom, for example, are given less priority when answering. Answers to these questions can take several days. provides the latest information and customers will find the options to rebook themselves or receive a voucher.

KLM trusts her clients to understand this exceptional situation and measure.