COVID-19: Italy

Flight schedule Italy 

Flights to Milan, Venice and Naples are suspended until 3 April. To Bologna, Turin, Florence, Genoa and Catania, KLM will fly to Bologna, Turin, Florence, Genoa and Catania until 25 March until once a day. From 26 March to 3 April these flights are suspended. To Rome the frequency will be up to 2 times a day (also until 3 April).  

So far, KLM has cancelled a considerable number of Europe flights and a number of intercontinental flights to Asia since the start of the corona crisis. Customers are advised to consult the flight disruption page if they have any questions about network changes. 

The situation around the coronavirus is constantly changing. Because of the coronavirus and in order to safeguard the health of customers and employees, KLM examines on a daily basis whether adjustments to the network are necessary and what operational measures need to be taken. The current flight information can be found on and in the KLM app. KLM keeps a close eye on all developments and is in direct contact with health and aviation authorities.