COVID-19: KLM is doing everything it can to repatriate as many travelers as possible

Passenger aircraft travel is restricted by many countries worldwide. If a country forbids passengers from entering, but does allow flights, KLM will fly as much as possible in the coming days according to schedule to return passengers home. The intercontinental network will be phased out from next week.

If you already have a KLM booking and want to go home earlier, you can change the travel date via and in the KLM app in the My Travel environment, subject to availability. It is very busy on social media and at the customer contact center and repatriation questions take precedence over other questions. Travelers who are at a destination that KLM is no longer allowed to fly on are advised to contact their embassy or consulate.

Special rates to get back home

Travelers without a KLM booking who want to go home can use special one-way fares. These rates are available for travelers with Dutch or European nationality as well as people who live outside Europe and want to return. The conditions can be found on

Decreasing intercontinental network (subject to changes)

he following intercontinental flights will be suspended for the time being in connection with the corona crisis:

• Last flight from Schiphol on March 19: Miami;

• Last flight from Schiphol on March 23: Bengaluru;

• Last flight from Schiphol on March 24: Sint Maarten, Washington, San Francisco;

• Last flight from Schiphol on March 25: Kigali / Entebbe, Quito / Guyaquil, Montreal;

• Last flight from Schiphol on March 26: Havana, Bogota / Cartagena, Fortaleza, Vancouver;

• Last flight from Schiphol on March 27: Lagos, Kuala Lumpur / Jakarta;

• Last flight from Schiphol on March 28: Accra, Cape Town, Kilimanjaro / Dar es Salaam, Aruba / Bonaire, Rio de Janeiro, Paramaribo, San José / Liberia, Mumbai.

The following intercontinental flights will remain suspended for the time being due to the corona crisis: Bahrain, Chengdu, Dammam, Edmonton, Hangzhou, Houston, Kuwait, Las Vegas, Minneapolis / St. Paul, Muscat, Xiamen.


The situation is constantly changing. For current flight information per destination, see or the KLM app